tamoxifen for men

Psychiatric disorders: very common: tamoxifen for men depression; often: slow thinking, insomnia, violations of free speech, anxiety, confusion, disorientation, aggressive reactions, mood disorders, agitation, emotional lability, depressed mood, anger, behavioral disorders; rare: suicidal ideation, suicide attempt, hallucination, psychotic disorder, auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, lethargy, slurred speech, sleep disorders, affective lability, decreased libido, restlessness, crying, disfemiya, euphoric mood, paranoia, perseveration of thought, panic attacks nandrolone decanoate side effects, tearfulness, reading skills violation, violation of sleep, flattening of emotions, thinking abnormal, loss of libido, fatigue, intrasomnicheskoe disorder, distraction, early morning awakening, panic reaction, elevated mood; Rare: mania, panic disorder, feeling of despair *, hypomania.

Disorders of the central nervous system: very common: paraesthesia, somnolence, dizziness; often: impaired concentration, memory impairment, amnesia, cognitive disorders, abnormal thinking, psychomotor disturbances, convulsions, loss of coordination of movements, tremor, confusion, hypesthesia, nystagmus, dysgeusia, disturbance of sense of balance, dysarthria, intention tremor, sedation;rare: depression of consciousness, tonic-clonic seizures tamoxifen for men by type of «grand mal», infringement of sight, complex partial seizures, speech disorder, psychomotor hyperactivity, syncope, sensory disturbance, drooling, hypersomnia, aphasia, repetitive speech, hypokinesia, dyskinesia, postural dizziness poor quality sleep, burning sensation, numbness, parosmiya, cerebral syndrome, dysesthesia, gipogevziya, stupor, clumsiness, aura, ageusia, dysgraphia, dysphasia, peripheral neuropathy, presyncope, dystonia, a feeling of “chills” through the body; rare: apraxia, circadian rhythm sleep, hypersensitivity, hyposphresia, anosmia, essential tremor, akinesia, lack of response to stimuli.

Violations of the organ of vision: common: blurred vision, diplopia, blurred vision; rare: decrease in visual acuity, scotoma, myopia *, strange sensations in the eyes *, dry eye, photophobia, blepharospasm, increased lacrimation, photopsia, mydriasis, presbyopia; rare: blindness unilateral, blindness transient, glaucoma, accommodation disturbance, disturbance of the visual spatial perception, scintillating scotoma, eyelid edema *, night blindness, amblyopia; Frequency unknown: angle-closure glaucoma *, maculopathy *, eye motility disorders *.

Violations of the organ of hearing and balance: common: vertigo, ringing in the ears, ear pain; Uncommon: tamoxifen for men deafness, unilateral hearing loss, sensorineural deafness, discomfort in the ear, hearing loss.

Violations of the cardiovascular system: rare: bradycardia, sinus bradycardia, palpitations.

Violations of the circulatory system: rare: hypotension, orthostatic hypotension, flushing, hot flashes; rare: Raynaud’s phenomenon.

Disorders of the respiratory system, organs, thoracic and mediastinal disorders: common: dyspnea, epistaxis, nasal congestion, rhinorrhea, cough *; uncommon: shortness of breath on exertion, hypersecretion in the sinuses, dysphonia.

Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract: Very common: nausea, diarrhea; common: vomiting, constipation, upper abdominal pain, dyspepsia, abdominal pain, dry mouth, stomach discomfort, disturbance of sensation in the mouth, gastritis, abdominal discomfort; uncommon: pancreatitis, flatulence, gastroesophageal reflux, pain in the lower abdomen, reduced sensitivity in the mouth, bleeding gums, bloating, discomfort in the epigastric region, the sensitivity of the abdomen, hypersalivation, pain in the mouth, bad breath, glossodiniya .

Violations of the hepatobiliary system: rare: hepatitis, liver failure.

Disorders of the skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders: common: alopecia, rash, itching; rare: anhidrosis, the sensitivity of the violation in the area of the face, urticaria, erythema, pruritus generalized, rash macular, violation of skin pigmentation nandrolon, allergic dermatitis, swelling of the face; rare: Stivenca-Johnson Syndrome, erythema multiforme *, skin odor, periorbital edema *, urticaria localized; Frequency not known: toxic epidermal necrolysis *.

Violations of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue disorders: common: arthralgia, muscle cramps, myalgia, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, musculoskeletal chest pain; Uncommon: joint swelling * muscle stiffness, flank pain, muscle fatigue; rare: * discomfort in the limbs.

Violations of the kidney and urinary tract: common: nephrolithiasis, pollakiuria, dysuria; rare: exacerbation of urolithiasis (kidney stones), stress incontinence, hematuria, urinary incontinence, frequent urination, renal colic, pain in the kidneys; rare: exacerbation of urolithiasis (stones in the urethra) * pochechnokanaltsevy acidosis.

Violations of the genital organs and the breast: Uncommon: erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction.

General disorders and disorders caused by the use of the method: very common: fatigue; common: fever, asthenia, stimulus-ness, gait disturbance, malaise, anxiety; rare: Hyperthermia, thirst, influenza-like syndrome *, sluggishness, cold extremities, feeling drunk, feeling of anxiety; Rare: facial edema, calcification. Changes in laboratory parameters: very common: weight loss; common: weight gain *; rare: crystalluria, an abnormal test result “tandem gait”, leukopenia, increased serum mesterolone liver enzymes, rare: decrease in the content of hydrocarbons in the blood.

Disorders tamoxifen for menof social functioning: rare: impaired ability to learn.

* – Adverse reaction recorded in the post-registration period from spontaneous reports. The frequency is calculated based on clinical trial data.

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